Personio's Shake-Up, HireAra vs. Poetry & Amazon's French Fiasco

HR Collection Playlist

Feb 7 2024 • 34 mins

What's on tap on this episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast Does Europe? Munich-based company Personio has laid off 101 employees, constituting 5% of its workforce, to strengthen its market position and advance its product roadmap. The layoffs primarily affected the technology and product departments. The move follows Personio's valuation at $8.5 billion, and the boys discuss the trend of venture capital and private equity focusing on headcount growth, emphasizing the importance of revenue. They predict more layoffs from other unicorns that have received substantial funding. The discussion also touches on the IPO plans for Personio and the challenges faced by companies expanding to the US, citing the example of VONQ. The podcast later features a "Who'd You Rather" segment comparing two companies, HireAra and Poetry HR, and their recent funding rounds. The hosts share their preferences, highlighting the significance of the founders in their decision-making. The episode concludes with a discussion on Amazon's French arm being fined over 27 million pounds for implementing an intrusive surveillance system to monitor staff performance. The hosts express varying opinions on the impact of the fine and the ongoing global conversation about workplace monitoring and employee privacy. Looking to attend House of HR's E-recruitment Congress in March? Use CODE CP51000 and get 50% OFF when you register at