Ep 593: The Career Forward Mindset

HR Collection Playlist

Feb 20 2024 • 31 mins

Work and jobs are changing, and the speed of change continues to accelerate. Whether you are in the fourth decade of your working life or looking for your first job, managing a career against this background of disruptive, often unpredictable change is a challenge for everyone. Things are also being made worse by continuing pay inequality and workplace bias. My guests this week are Grace Puma, the former COO of Pepsico and Christiana Smith Shi, the former President of Direct to Consumer at Nike. Grace and Christiana have recently authored a book called "Career Forward - Strategies from Women Who Have Made It". The motivation behind writing the book was to empower women to maximise their career journey, get paid what they are worth and navigate the unexpected shifts that happen in the current world of work. There is some excellent advice here that Grace and Christiana believe is applicable to everyone looking to develop their career in our turbulent times. In the interview, we discuss: The Career Forward Mindset Having a "Cardinal Direction" instead of a North Star The importance of mentors and sponsors Steering into the skid to deal with unexpected challenges Building career equity Dealing with pay inequality Reinventing work-life balance How can employers make the workforce fair and equitable? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.