Catching up with Jackye and Katee

HR Collection Playlist

Feb 1 2024 • 36 mins

🌟 Check out the latest episode of The Inclusive AF Podcast, where hosts Katee Van Horn and Jackye Clayton catch up on the current DEI landscape in 2024! 🌍 In this episode, they dive deep into the importance of genuine action in DEI efforts, the significance of providing career opportunities, the impact of clear, actionable feedback, and the need for directness and kindness in communication. They also discuss the significance of impactful conferences and the ongoing commitment to DEI work, sharing personal insights and experiences along the way. Join the conversation as they highlight the importance of supporting each other, the excitement for new voices and conferences, and the need for diversity in the DEI space. 🔗 Make sure to subscribe to The Inclusive AF Podcast for thought-provoking discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion! #DEI #Diversity #Inclusion #Equality #WorkplaceCulture #Podcast #Conferences #DiversityInTech #NewVoices