Ep 590: The Road To 2030

HR Collection Playlist

Feb 2 2024 • 30 mins

The last few years have taught us that no one can predict the future. However, you can develop the insight necessary to make accurate forecasts with the right combination of trend analysis and strategic thinking. We are currently in a period of accelerated change in talent acquisition, and it is essential to understand the direction of travel even if we can't predict the final destination. We must anticipate the skills that will be required in the future, how we can recruit them, and how talent acquisition must change to be fit for this new purpose. My guest this week is Russell Beck, Director of Inspiration at ImagineThinkDo and author of a new book called "The World Of Work to 2030". The book looks at the megatrends shaping the future, and Russell's background and experience in RPO means he can provide some relatable insights into the likely future of talent acquisition. In the interview, we discuss: Six megatrends shaping the future Future skills and how we hire them AI is removing your uniqueness. From STEM to STEAM Artistic engineers The cost of bad hiring How does TA need to change How can we future-proof our careers? Follow this podcast on Apple Podcasts.