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Welcome to Pipeline Meeting, a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. You're going to get ideas that you can apply today to close high ticket deals and find repeatability in your sales process. Pipeline Meeting is brought to you by Intro, learn more at introcrm.com.
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Trailer (November 2021)
Nov 20 2021
1 min
Trailer (November 2021)Introducing... IntroIntroducing Lead ReplyMeet the Team: Sailja Talks About How Things Have ChangedIntroducing Lead RaterWe're back!Our New Customer Onboarding ProcessYour virtual sales assistantIntro CRM Basecamp IntegrationIntro CRM Beta Release
Let's talk about what made it into the beta release and the problems he's trying to solve with Intro CRM. Learn how freelancers and entrepreneurs can quickly add deals; integrate with tools like Basecamp, Trello, and Asana; and forecast your cash flow.The overall theme for the episode is making the most of the leads you have. If you have a leaky funnel, it's not much good pouring more leads into it—particularly if you're bootstrapping.Harris is looking for ideas and feedback about how to make Intro CRM better. He's been able to generate interest and traffic, convert sign ups, but once people are in the app they aren't as active as he'd like to see. He needs to get folks to activate and use Intro CRM before leaving. Setting up their account, adding deals, etc. He shares how he's doing it right now and past approaches... But now clearly it's time for something new. Get a sense of the current process by signing up for Intro CRM.Sign up for Intro CRM →See how the Basecamp CRM integration works → There's also a new social platform called Clubhouse. Harris received an invitation and is trying to get the hang of it. Are you on Clubhouse? Find him @harriskenny.This show also won an award! Pipeline Meeting was given Honorable Mention in the 2020 SaaS Podcast Awards. Sincere thanks to the MicroConf community for their support. There were so many good shows, including a few that I listen to regularly:IndieHackers by Courtland Allen →Build Your SaaS by Justin Jackson and Jon Buda →Software Social Podcast by Michelle Hansen and Colleen Schnettler →See all the award-winners and honorable mentions →Learn more about MicroConf →
Jan 27 2021
10 mins
Do grants count as sales?Should you sell to people you know?
Nov 30 2020
12 mins
Personal NewsWho are they?
In this episode we explore the question of who are you selling to?Building on who you are—as we explored in our last episode—it also matters who they are. Who is on the other side of the table? That can affect whether or not a deal is viable from the get-go. There are red herrings, or false leads that may present as quality leads but that don't materialize. We explore an example of that. We also begin to explore the concept of customer development. And the differences in needs for a needs a CRM for a single person business; perhaps a solopreneur, or someone with dreams to hire more people. Customer development is what happens in the early days. It's how you discover repeatability.Once you have repeatability, you're ready to lock in the sales process and scale the sales organization. What does it look like to use a tool that's built to support that use case, and how are we thinking about that in Intro CRM?See the new OSHdata website by visiting: https://oshdata.com/Harris mentions Simon Sinek's iconic TEDxPuget Sound talk "Start with Why" which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuALearn more about EmailOctopus and support Intro CRM by using this referral link: https://emailoctopus.com/?ali=40e81749-ec6f-11ea-a3d0-06b4694bee2a---Pipeline Meeting is a podcast brought to you by Intro CRM, a simple, privacy-friendly CRM for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Hosted by Harris Kenny.Website: https://introcrm.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/introcrm/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/introcrm/
Sep 16 2020
11 mins
Who are you?Audit Your PipelineTrailer (August 2020)