Introducing Lead Rater

Pipeline Meeting

Sep 22 2021 • 11 mins

Harris introduces you to Lead Rater, the new app from Intro CRM that is currently in beta with paying customers.

Lead Rater is part of our outbound offering and puts founders and early stage sales leaders in charge of the demand generation process. We believe that high quality, filtered lead lists are the best way to test outbound sales is a channel. This is for low-volume, omni channel testing.

In this episode, Harris shares how talking to founders led to our minimal viable version of this service—delivered with spreadsheets. How we leveled up that process. And ultimately built Lead Rater with no-code on using Glide, in collaboration with our friends at Low Code Agency.

If you are bootstrapping (or self-funding) a business and want to go from services to productized services, then this episode is worth a listen.

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