Audit Your Pipeline

Pipeline Meeting

Aug 26 2020 • 12 mins

For the first full episode, Harris put together a worksheet that you can use to go through and audit your pipeline. Whether these leads came in before or during the Coronavirus pandemic, it's worth taking a step back and getting a sense of what you're really working with.

He put together a framework that will help you put those leads into one of six buckets, so you get take control. If you have leads that feel stuck, try this out. Listen to the episode or read the episode transcript.

Download the spreadsheet in XLSX or ODS format below:


Harris shares his planned the format for the show, his own pipeline, and some exciting personal news.

This episode includes references to:

Justin Jackson and Jon Buda's podcast Build Your SaaS. (They're the co-founders of Transistor.fm!) Listen to the referenced episode:

Harris' other podcast, Hello Blink Show, which he co-hosts with Shawn Hymel and you can find online here:


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