Intro CRM Basecamp Integration

Pipeline Meeting

Feb 12 2021 • 10 mins

The Intro CRM Basecamp integration was the first one that I announced in 2020, it's live and I want to share more details about how it works. I also talk about Jason Fried, DHH, and some of the other members of the Basecamp team who have inspired my work over the years.

The sales topic today is a challenge for you. How much do you need to know about your product to be successful selling it? In my experience, you might need to know a lot less than you think. So does it make sense for people to be so focused on getting their salespeople to be more active in Slack, attend more meetings, and more involved in internal processes? Maybe not.

Lastly, I made a series of upgrades to the equipment that I use to record this show. Are you experiencing any issues with the audio? If you're a regular listener, do you notice a difference? Please let me know.