Star Stuff

Lowell Observatory

Star Stuff: A Space Poddity, by Lowell Observatory, will be a 45-minute podcast recorded on Mars Hill that aims to make astronomical science and space exploration fun and accessible to wide audiences using humor, facts, and casual banter. Two Lowell educators (Hailey Osborn and Wesley Sonnemaker) and one literature major (Cody Half-Moon) will sit together and discuss astronomy, planetary science, and space exploration via news articles, movie reviews, audience questions, pop culture discussions, and guest speakers. This podcast will run for one year, with its first episode launching in January 2022.

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Introducing Star Stuff: A Space Poddity
Uncovering 50-Year-Old Moon Rock: We Talk to Dr. Chip ShearerThe Total Lunar Eclipse: Myth, Lore, and HistorySol’s Planets – We Talk To Two Lowell Planetary ScientistsExploring Dark Skies with Grand Canyon “Dark Sky Ranger” Rader LaneComets, Asteroids, and CentaursWhat Does It Mean To Imagine? We Talk To Ed Finn of ASU’s Center for Science and the ImaginationThe $10 Billion Origami Project: We Review the Basics of the James Webb Space TelescopeThe Life of Stars: We Talk to Lowell Astronomer Gerard van BelleStar Stories (The Constellations Of Spring)Life on Mars (Human and … Otherwise)Capturing Dark Energy On Camera: We Talk to Dr. Kyler KuehnLife On Other Planets, In Art And In Our Universe: We Talk to Dr. Dan DurdaClyde Tombaugh, From The Eyes of His Son: We Talk to Alden TombaughThe Real Indiana Jones: We Talk to Dr. Johanson, the Lucy DiscovererThe Adventures of a Shadow Chaser and Asteroid Hunter: We Talk to Dr. Cathy Olkin“My Other Vehicle Explored Pluto” – We Talk To Dr. Alan SternWhat Would “Armageddon” Really Be Like?The Secrets of Lowell ObservatoryA Case For The Sky EggBlack Holes, Spacetime, and Bread