Dad 2.0 Podcast

Jeff Bogle & Doug French

The weekly audio companion to the conference where marketers, media, experts, and parents discuss modern fatherhood.

Episode 118: Opportunity Cost of Unfortunate PhlegmEpisode 117: Joel Willis Leans Into the Ironic BignessEpisode 116: Charlie Capen and the Sympathy Viral LoadEpisode 115: The Night Dave Lesser Chose His ChildrenEpisode 114: The Dumb Dads Never Found Their KeysEpisode 113: When Aymann Ismail Lost His S—tEpisode 112: John & Ted's Excellent AdventureEpisode 111: Taylor Calmus: Builder Eye for the Dad GuyEpisode 110: Julie Nowell Loves Slow, Wiggly GrowthEpisode 109: Patrick Quinn Glams Up Your Lock ScreenEpisode 108: The Doug Zeigler Telehealth CallEpisode 107: Brian Gordon Is Half Stubborn, Half StupidEpisode 106: Tshaka Armstrong Works Googobs of HoursEpisode 105: Chris Illuminati Has Very Dirty ThumbsEpisode 104: Zachary Levi Learns How To Be Kurt WarnerEpisode 103: Chris Ballew Doles Out the ApplesauceEpisode 102: Aaron Yavelberg Will See You NowEpisode 101: Kevin Shafer 101: Intro to Dad SociologyEpisode 100: You Say Dubai, and I Say HelloEpisode 99: Simon Holland, the Stealth Bomber