Ben Newman On Uncommon Leadership

Scale Up With Nick Bradley

Apr 27 2022 • 32 mins

Ben Newman is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organisations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. He is also the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Seller, UNCOMMON Leadership.

Ben joins Nick to talk about his incredible book, as well as how you can apply the principles of UNCOMMON Leadership to your life, your career and your business.

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  • Success comes from first finding out about ourselves, and discovering the strengths that reside within us through challenging adversity.
  • Adversity and challenge lights a fire beneath us that allow us to identify the "why" and the purpose that drives us onwards.
  • Those who successfully lead are the ones who show up no matter what. If our purpose is strong enough, nothing can hold us back.
  • Never accept the accepted wisdom from the world at large. Far too many preach that adversity and challenge are there to stop us in our tracks, instead of providing valuable lessons in what we are capable of surmounting.


'You have the strength in you, to battle through adversity'

'They talk about why and purpose, but they forget to talk about the burn'

'Every time he wins he gets hungrier'

'The world tells us to think smaller, to not take massive action'


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Nick Bradley is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and business growth expert.

His background is growing and scaling Venture Capital and Private Equity backed businesses globally.

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