E35: Catalyzing an Environment for Innovation

A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation

Jan 17 2019 • 28 mins

Our human-centered design Sherpas Elizabeth Benfield Watson and Sally Baek are joined by a special guest, John Tartt, AVP of Enterprise Risk Management at Atrium Health, to talk about the Innovation Engine’s Catalyst Program.  Risk management may sound out of place in the world of innovation, but John is a great friend of our team and he’s a terrific example of how the mindset of human-centered design can grow in an organization when you properly plant and cultivate the seeds.  Hear about how the Catalyst Program, now in its fourth year, originally sprouted, and how it has grown and evolved.  Honorable mentions to Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy and Intuit’s Innovation Lab for providing early inspiration to our team as we seek to build the environment for innovation at Atrium Health.

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