Jodi Stolove -- Chair Dancing; Combining the Pleasure of Exercise, Dance and Music

Zestful Aging

Aug 29 2020 • 42 mins

Jodi Stolove is the queen of joyful exercising. A fractured foot forced her to conduct her dance and aerobic classes from a chair and The Chair Dancing® Fitness concept was born. Creativity born of necessity resulted in her developing unique seated fitness programs combining the pleasure of exercise, dance, and music. While she “sat down” to bring exercise to meet the needs of anyone wanting to embrace exercise, the fitness industry took notice. Prominent health care facilities, including Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Scripps Clinic, and The Mayo Clinic offer this fitness alternative. Jodi taught dance to the cast of “The Days of Our Lives” as well as Joan Rivers. Find out more at https://www.chairdancing.com/. Find out more about the Zestful Aging Podcast at ZestfulAging.com.