Movie Characters Who Should Start A Podcast

The Podcast Nobody Asked For

Feb 3 2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

Not that anybody asked but this week we are donning our headphones and hitting subscribe as we take on the very meta subject of podcasts. Everybody and their mother has started a podcast, so why shouldn't movie characters get in on the fun? What will make our final Top 3 list this week? Expect Orbit of Experts, Messiah muscle puns and the okayest movie ever. You can find the trailers for our choices, and other things referenced, on this (youtube playlist). Follow us on Instagram (thepodcastnobodyaskedfor) Follow us on Twitter: (@nobodyasked4pod) Follow us on Facebook: (/nobodyasked4pod) You can become a friend of the podcast over at (Patreon) - all money will go towards making the podcast bigger and better. Leave us a review, including any ideas you have for future episodes on (Apple Podcast) or (Podchaser)