Movie Plots That Would Make For A Good Documentary

The Podcast Nobody Asked For

Apr 7 2022 • 1 hr 50 mins

Not that anybody asked but this week we put away the stories and decided to learn because we're talking about plots from movies that would make a good documentary. We aren't talking behind the scenes - we're talking if Rocky IV was an ESPN documentary. What will make our final Top 3 list this week? Expect a sorbet for the mind, the bassist for The Sopranos and God Emperor Louis Theroux. Spoiler klaxon is in effect from 1:06:56 to 1:12:51 You can find the trailers for our choices, and other things referenced, on this (youtube playlist). Follow us on Instagram (thepodcastnobodyaskedfor) Follow us on Twitter: (@nobodyasked4pod) Follow us on Facebook: (/nobodyasked4pod) You can become a friend of the podcast over at (Patreon) - all money will go towards making the podcast bigger and better. Leave us a review, including any ideas you have for future episodes on (Apple Podcast) or (Podchaser)