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Country Heat Weekly


The Country Heat Weekly podcast, hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson, brings Amazon Music's Country Heat playlist to life. Every week Kelly and Amber deliver the vibrant world of country from Nashville to Austin and beyond – entertaining listeners with today's top tracks, sharing country music news, sitting down with beloved artists, celebrating country music history, and highlighting future stars.

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Our Editor's Take

The world of country music is rich with history and exciting modern acts. It's a great time to be a diehard fan or newbie to the genre. There's no shortage of great music, fascinating figures, and hot topics.

If having the best-curated country playlist isn't enough, it's time for listeners to immerse in Country Heat Weekly. This podcast complements Amazon Music's Country Heat playlist to perfection. It presents everything country music has to offer and then some.

Amber Anderson and Kelly Sutton host this one-stop-shop for all things country music. They dive into the thrilling country music scene each week and emerge with fun, entertaining stories. This podcast has it all, from top tracks to interviews with leading artists. Star appearances abound, including interviews and casual conversations with the hosts. Listeners get to know the artists behind the hits as they propel the genre to new heights. The discussions are lively, and the insights fascinate any country music fan.

Country music purists will love Country Heat Weekly, too. Listeners can follow along as Amber and Kelly check out formative figures of the genre. They even rediscover the overlooked sensations of the past. For those who appreciate old-school country music, these segments are a must. It's not all about the past and present, either. Country Heat Weekly is the insider's sneak peek at the future of country music. The genre's future is in good hands, and this podcast is there to prove it. The budding talents featured on this podcast will soon be superstars.

Country Music Weekly is about the music, larger-than-life personalities, and gossip. Whether it's breaking news or classic tunes, the music, interviews, and stories entertain. Each week's episode packs important country music content into a fun listening experience. Country music fans won't want to miss out on one of the hottest country music podcasts!

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