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Episode 48: The Power of Providing Feedback (and Overcoming the Anxiety It Causes)
Nov 11 2022
Episode 48: The Power of Providing Feedback (and Overcoming the Anxiety It Causes)
Overcoming the initial anxiety that providing and receiving feedback brings takes courage, trust, and accountability. In receiving feedback in particular, once you get past the potential defensiveness or taking it personally, and understand how to execute on it, you’ll find you have the opportunity to grow exponentially in your career and personal life. Being able to provide and receive feedback goes hand-in-hand with leadership. You shouldn’t be afraid to provide feedback in order to level up those around you. On today’s episode of the Rebel Leadership Podcast, Allison Minutillo talks to VP of Client Services Lora Olivieri and Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito about the importance of providing and receiving feedback—and overcoming the anxiety that can come with it. When it comes to aspiring leaders giving difficult feedback, you don’t have to be emotionless: try to make it as human as possible and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and always deliver it in a kind and strong manner. We’ll explore the process of recognizing when someone is ready to—or needs to—receive feedback and understand that it shouldn’t be taken personally, but that it’s coming from a place of care. Listen to it, learn from it, and act on it in order to grow stronger in your career. Receiving feedback from someone who has experienced both wins and losses—and learned from both—can be a critical part of your growth. Remember, you’re not a leader until you’ve built that foundation of trust and respect for others to learn from you. Ready to get inspired?