The Current Banking Mess

Three Fates Decide - Women Opining on Pop Culture

Mar 17 2023 • 21 mins

Discover how the current banking crisis is impacting the average person and what steps President Biden is taking to contain it. Don't panic - the FDIC provides up to $250,000 of deposit insurance per bank and per depositor, so your money is safe. Tune in to Three Fates Decide this week to gain a better understanding of the banking system, the banking act of 1933, and the importance of bank regulations. With riveting insight

- The current banking crisis and how it is affecting the average person

- The closure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and the investigation by the federal government

- How banks are raising interest rates to combat inflation

- The panic caused by banks attempting to increase their capital

- The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and its role in protecting customers

- Bank regulations and their importance

- President Roosevelt and Congress’s efforts to contain potential panic.

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