Sanctification and the Spiritual Disciplines with Courtney Doctor

The About Her Podcast

Jul 11 2022 • 38 mins

This week on The About Her Podcast, I chat with Courtney Doctor about Sanctification and the Spiritual Disciplines. Courtney is an author, Bible teacher, frequent conference and retreat speaker, and periodic blogger. She received an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2013 and is the author of From Garden to Glory: A Bible Study on the Bible’s Story; Steadfast: A Devotional Bible Study on the Book of James; and, most recently, In View of God's Mercies: The Gift of the Gospel in Romans. In the episode, we chat about Courtney’s recent work In View of God’s Mercies as we also discuss the topic of Sanctification and its relationship to the Spiritual Disciplines.

In addition to writing, teaching, speaking, and blogging, Courtney also serves as the Coordinator of Women's Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition. Her greatest desire in all that she does is to faithfully study, apply, and teach the word of God and to help others to do the same.

Courtney and her husband, Craig, have four wonderful children, two amazing daughters-in-law, five sweet grandchildren — and a very much-loved and goofy dog, Walter. Walter received several shout-outs in the episode!

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