Family Talk

Kevin Brown

This is Cornerstone's Family Talk Podcast, a conversation designed to help people grow deep and live tall. There is no better place for people to grow than in a family.  So welcome to the family! You’ll find out very quickly that this is a compilation podcast. In one episode you may hear an interview. The next may be a story or testimony. We may be diving deep into theology or church leadership. But whatever we explore, we'll do it together. Welcome to Family Talk. read less
Religion & SpiritualityReligion & Spirituality
Oct 13 2023
On this episode of Family Talk Podcast, Pastor Kevin Brown sits down with Clark and Lauren Snipes. To give some background, Clark and Lauren are devote christians who grew up in strong christian homes. They were long time friends who starting dating in college and decided to get married after a year of dating . In this episode, Clark and Lauren open their hearts and break down their walls to share their amazing journey with God througout their marriage. They get vulnerable and speak on the lows, that ended up having some serious consequences. They also share their transformative moments which brought joy and peace. For many married couples, marriage is not a cake walk, especially when you don’t know the essentials things that cultivate a positive marriage. Thanks to Clark and Laurens testimony, we can learn some things we should be doing in a marriage and things we should not be doing, in order to have a successful marriage that is built on the foundation of God. So, click play because you don’t want to miss out on this great testimony! Oh and don’t forget to check out the links below for some great resources.Rejoice Marriage Ministries Website:https://rejoiceministries.orgPodcast website: anywhere you get your podcast!Cornerstone’s website: Links Facebook: / cornerstonechurchgaTikTok: