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Have you noticed that the midlife season brings lots of new…. New joys like grandchildren, retirement, time to travel and pursue what you love.And new challenges..the empty nest, aging parents, relationships with adult children, health challenges, and changes in marriage.But one thing remains the same. Jesus.Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8.Join me, Cathy Lawdanski, wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur and writer at MySideof50 for conversations about life over 50 and how Jesus meets us in this season.Learn something new about the 50+ years, yourself and Jesus in every episode. read less
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Weathering Life's Storms with Brenda McDearmon
Oct 18 2021
Weathering Life's Storms with Brenda McDearmon
Brenda McDearmon is a native Texan and empty nester who enjoys Uptown Dallas apartment life with her husband of 40 years, Mike.When you follow her blog, Texas Over Fifty and her Instagram account by the same name, you can't help but see her approach to life which she describes as one of purposeful spirit and intentional adventure.Brenda is the author of The Big Hunker Down: 7 Take-Cover Strategies to Weather the Storm of Job Loss and Keep Your Destiny out of the Bar Ditch.In this episode, we talk about weathering the storms in our lives. In her case, she and Mike have weathered the storm of job loss several times in their 40 years together.No matter what storms we face, Brenda's analogy of what you need to do to "hunker down" in a storm will resonate with you.What does "hunker down" mean when weathering life's storms? Crouching down or taking cover or attention to a certain task or idea . Hunker down place of safety. Safe place for you to weather a storm or difficulty. A place of focused attention to get you through the storm. Weathering Life's Storms | Job LossBrenda and Mike sailed through the first 18 years of marriage with Mike on the fast track up the corporate ladder.Words like down-sizing and corporate merger were not part of their vocabulary.When Mike lost his job as the result of a corporate merger, they had a young family with 3 children. It was difficult and scary, but God worked it out.Little did they know, they would experience this same scenario 3 more times.Ways to Hunker Down When Weathering Life's Storms Allow yourself to grieve.Accept the things you cannot change. Don't dwell on "I should have" or "what if" scenarios.Hash it out with someone you trust.Have a mindset of expecting God to do great things. Learn how to pray big prayers. Let your thought, prayers and speech reflect that God is going to do big things. Recite scripture out loud. . Use tools that will keep your mind right and focused on the Lord - books, podcasts, sermons, who you talk to. Start every day with the Word of God. Plan the party - even while you are waiting. Something you are going to buy or do that will help you remember this season and how God worked it out.Brenda said "It's exciting to look back and see how God worked out each situation"Texas Over 50 BlogTexas Over 50 on InstagramBook: The Big Hunker Down: 7 Take-Cover Strategies to Weather the Storm of Job Loss and Keep Your Destiny out of the Bar Ditch.Full Show Notes Free download from My Side of 50 - 8 Scripture Prayers for New Direction
Building A Good Relationship With Your Adult Children with Suzy Mighell
Oct 11 2021
Building A Good Relationship With Your Adult Children with Suzy Mighell
Suzy Mighell is a Dallas-based Influencer and empty nester. She is the personality and content creator behind the popular blog and lifestyle brand Empty Nest is where Suzy shares everything that is important to us as empty nesters – from fashion and beauty, to travel, wellness, parenting, and more! She joyfully shares her life and faith with her followers while creating content to encourage, inspire, and bless them.Suzy has been married to Bob for 30+ years and has 3 adult children.A Good Relationship with Your Adult Children Starts with a Paradigm ShiftLots of prayer about navigating this new season of parenting.Learning self control and not saying everything that came to mind.Being intentional in maintaining a relationship with adult children.Being considerate and realizing the relationship has changed.Your job raising them is done.Your kids need to be able to invite you into their lives without feeling that you are going to intervene without their permission.Suzy said she stopped looking at them as kids and started looking at them as interesting people with whom she wanted to pursue a relationship. Build a Good Relationship with Your Adult Children by Blessing Them.Blessing your adult children involves honoring and respecting them.Encouraging and praising them.Always find something to praise and be a positive voice in their lives.Show your interest in their lives by asking good questions and listening.Be a learner when they tell you about their jobs, friends and what they are interested in.Be aware that their generation is different than yours.If you see a behavior or attitude that you don't understand, ask them about it.Then, LISTEN WITHOUT PASSING JUDGEMENT.Thank them for explaining their position to you. Build a Good Relationship with Your Adult Children by Encouraging them Through Actions Kindness and going the extra mile with their spouse or significant other."I love you" gifts, just becauseAsking how you can pray for them, then following up to let them know you prayed.  How to Pray for Your Adult Children | Six Bible Verses to UseSix Practical Ways to Show Love to Your Adult ChildrenTop 10 Ways to Have A Great Relationship With Your Adult ChildrenBlogInstagramFacebookShow Notes