Storytelling That Sticks for Business and Life

Doug Stevenson

This is a HOW-TO podcast. Instead of listening to other people tell their stories, learn how to tell YOUR story and make it stick. Behind every brilliant story is carefully designed craft and strategy. Let Doug take you ‘behind the curtain’ of great business storytelling. Doug Stevenson, the creator of The Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business, will share storytelling hacks, techniques, and advanced story crafting skills. Learn how to CHOOSE the right story, how to make the right POINT, and how to BRAND your message. Facts fade, data gets dumped, but stories stick. If you are a business professional at any level, from assistant manager to CEO, and you want to stand out, get ahead and make a positive impression, this podcast is for you. If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to grow your business, your story will sell you and your products and services. Stories build trust, establish credibility, and increase sales. For over 25 years, Doug Stevenson has taught storytelling skills and strategies to speakers, trainers, leaders, marketers, salespeople, HR professionals, fundraisers and TED speakers. He has spoken in 18 countries to clients as diverse as US Bank, Google, Pfizer, Kellogg, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Aetna and Red Bull. Come study storytelling and more with Doug Stevenson. Contact: doug@dougstevenson.com Website: www.storytelling-in-business.com

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1: Quick Intro to Storytelling That Sticks
9. Stories That Make Change Happen8. Origin Story Formula7. How a Bedtime Story Inspires Leaders
Engineers like systems and procedures. Maybe that’s why my guest in this episode, Elise Foster, an engineer by training and now a keynote speaker, executive coach and leadership consultant, appreciated how The Story Theater Method could help her engineer her stories. Elise Foster got her start in the speaking business when she was asked by Liz Wiseman, the author of the best-selling book, Multipliers – How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, to co-author a book with her. That book, The Multiplier Effect – Tapping the Genius Inside Our Schools, required that Elise deliver keynotes in front of large and small audiences. She quickly realized that she needed to elevate her speaking and storytelling skills. Elise realized that the data, facts, and details that she relied on as an engineer didn’t translate well to motivational keynotes on leadership. She had watched Liz deliver inspiring keynotes filled with engaging and relevant stories that captivated her audience attention. She knew she needed help making her stories come alive. I had worked with Liz back in 2004 when she was the VP of Oracle University. She hired me to teach storytelling to her global training leaders. When she brought Elise on board, Liz recommended that Elise get in touch with me. As fate would have it, I was speaking in Indianapolis where Elise lived at the time, and she came to see me.  We had an immediate connection. Elise attended my Story Theater Retreat in Colorado Springs and has since gone on to incorporate The Nine Steps of Story Structure in crafting her stories. We’ve also become good friends. In this episode she shares her signature story, a bedtime story for leaders, and how that one core story has stood the test of time and generated a consistent stream of income. Listen and learn from my special guest, Elise Foster, the president of Leadership Potential Consulting.
Mar 17 2022
23 mins
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