CoasterRadio.com #647 - The 80's Movie Podcast: Episode II

CoasterRadio.com: The Original Theme Park Podcast

Aug 24 2012 • 52 mins

Just like Marty McFly returned to 1955 in "Back to the Future: Part II," it's time for a sequel to your favorite "bodacious" radio show!

Mike and EB return to the "80's Movie Podcast" for a look at the greatest movies from the greatest decade ever!

There's a ton of discussion about favorite 80's flicks like Ghostbusters, Teen Wolf and The Goonies.

But we also have interactive games, audience questions and trivia about some long-forgotten films and actors.

Plus, we have a special tribute to John Candy. We'll hear from our listeners about their favorite John Candy films and we'll talk about what made him one of the best actors from the 80's.