Dave Pell (NextDraft): Florida men, Apple fanboys, Japanese roller coasters

Follow Friday

Sep 3 2021 • 44 mins

Full transcript: FollowFridayPodcast.com/dave-pell Our new YouTube channel: followfriday.co/youtube Dave Pell calls himself the "managing editor of the internet," and for good reason: Every weekday, he combs through 75 different news sources and plucks out the 10 most important stories for his popular email newsletter https://nextdraft.com/ (NextDraft). But it can be hard for anyone — even a voracious news reader — to put the news of the past couple years in context, which is why Pell is about to release a book about the 2020-2021 news cycle called https://nextdraft.com/scream/ (Please Scream Inside Your Heart). "As I had my friends or proofreaders go over my book, that was the number one response, like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe that happened in 2020. I thought that was another year. I don't remember that happening.'" he says. On today's podcast, Dave talks about four of his favorite accounts to follow: A https://www.theatlantic.com/ (164-year-old magazine) that covered Trump and COVID better than anyone; a https://twitter.com/BillyCorben (self-proclaimed "Florida Man") who documents the state's weird news and corrupt government; an https://www.instagram.com/chefjoseandres/ (inspiring celebrity chef) who has fed millions of people after natural disasters; and an https://daringfireball.net/ (old-school tech blogger) who's never afraid to "shoot from the hip." You can get bonus episodes of Follow Friday every week — including an extra follow recommendation from Dave, coming early next week — when you https://www.patreon.com/followfriday (back Follow Friday on Patreon), starting at just $1 a month. Follow us: - Dave is https://twitter.com/davepell/ (on Twitter @davepell) - This show is on https://twitter.com/followfridaypod (Twitter) and https://www.instagram.com/followfridaypod/ (Instagram) @followfridaypod and we have a https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVlDOyFjj9ulmiIrsBJlMqg (brand-new YouTube channel here) - Eric is https://twitter.com/HeyHeyESJ (on Twitter @heyheyesj) Theme song written by Eric Johnson, and performed by https://www.fiverr.com/yonamarie (Yona Marie). Show art by https://www.fiverr.com/dodiihr (Dodi Hermawan). Thank you to our amazing patrons: Jon, Justin, Amy, Yoichi, and Elizabeth This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy Support this podcast