No News is Good News!

Don Woods

Mar 15 2014 • 0 seconds

The schools have had to cut back because of lack of money…council jobs are in danger because of lack of money…the hospitals are having a hard time because of lack of money…etc…YET fortunes can be found for blanket coverage of the winter Olympics which I doubt many people are interested in…and 24 hour news which simply repeats 15 minutes of important news. You need a noose to watch the news in this country…unless it’s killings and illnesses and doom and gloom there is no coverage. Scrap the Olympics…have a couple of 15 minute news bulletins (like it used to be)…cancel the bankers 140% payrise… and direct the savings elsewhere…problem solved. On the subject of schools our mate has been in the news again…with actually a decent idea…at the moment if you take your kid out of school without permission you get a fine…which increases if you fail to pay up…old Govey has come up with a plan to take the fine out of the offenders benefit. Oh this has caused uproar…they had one “campaigner” shouting out “they’re MY kids and I’ll do what I want”….his fine is up to over a grand…clever bloke eh?...and some empty headed woman was on saying that she saved 1500 quid by going on holiday in term time and was moaning because she got a 240 quid fine…there really is NO hope….what these “above the law” morons don’t think about is if EVERYONE was like them there would be no education system and everyone would end up with a solid bone head like them. On the showbiz front there is a new chat show hosted by Michael McIntyre….who is,apparently,the highest paid comedian on the circuit…personally I would want paying to see him…but that’s beside the point…out of interest I started to watch the show…first guest Terry Wogan…I could only take 10 minutes….chat show hosts should pipe down and let the guests get a word in….dreadful stuff….and BIG NEWS Cheryl Cole is back on the X Factor in America…YAWN….she is a perfect example of how to make a fortune with absolutely NO talent…but I’m sure the out of work council workers will be delighted with the million she’ll get for the show. If I hear one more news item about what we should or should not eat I’ll scream…don’t eat this and don’t eat that and there’ too much sugar in this and too much salt in that…hey Mr Advisor mind your own business and get a JOB!!! I was in the Lichfield area this week and visited the National Memorial Arboretum….which is an out huge door tribute to the fallen in various wars….the place is stunning and very very moving. It is a credit to those who created this masterpiece….it was a very emotional visit but well worth it.