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The new TSR is in the news again and it never seems to be good news whenever they get press.  This week, we give our thoughts on TSR’s lawsuit against Wizards of the Coast.  TSR, why not just make some good games? ** Update It seems that TSR has decided to stop moving forward with this lawsuit.*** TSR LLC's CEO Justin LaNasa has since updated the IndieGoGo page claiming that he will formally try again.  As for WOTC, their lawyers have officially gone on the offensive. In addition to the aforementioned issue with Star Frontiers, WOTC is suing TSR LLC for the ongoing use of the TSR logo now associated with LaNasa's company. Since WOTC owns this specific logo and TSR has been wrongfully using it, there is a legal precedent for fraud. Worse still, the body of evidence for this can be found in TSR's own filed complaints against WOTC. In fairness, trademark fraud isn't the kind of case that leads to serious jail time, but considering the longstanding antagonism between the two companies, this can lead to serious financial distress for TSR LLC. Show Note Links. TechRaptor -  https://techraptor.net/tabletop/news/tsr-drops-wizards-of-coast-lawsuit-gets-sued-back Twitter - https://twitter.com/levikornelsen/status/1470457049494405120 Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/rg8a7d/whats_up_with_multiple_tsr_companies_suing/ Indiegogo - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-tsr-against-wizards-of-the-coast#/     Tell us what you think about this episode and gaming in general. If you’re interested in a certain topic let us know, we’ll do an episode on it! Our Home page https://www.thedungeonmastersdojo.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDungeonMastersDojo On Twitter: https://twitter.com/DungeonDojo Or by Email: TheDungeonMastersDojo@Gmail.com Interested in Supporting the Podcast?  Grab a +1 Charisma Bonus by wearing The DMD’s Logo Wear: https://www.thedungeonmastersdojo.com/shop Podcasting is a thirsty business, whet our whistles and buy us a Saki or three, or five. Don’t forget to say something nice, or mean, we don’t care, you’re buying us Saki!  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheDMD
Dec 22 2021
26 mins
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