Empowering Human Centered Talent Amidst Disruption

Human Centered

Mar 4 2024 • 41 mins

In this episode of Human Centered, host Nick Brunker and co-host, Karen Boswell -- VML's Chief Experience Officer in EMEA -- are joined by Ed Beard, Marci Le Gaufey, and Andy Wardlaw. They dive deep into the concept of human investment and organizational psychology, discussing how to build teams and organizations with a human-centered approach.

The group shares their experiences and insights on fostering cultures of innovation and collaboration amidst disruption and change. They explore the importance of employee engagement, motivation, and well-being in building successful companies and brands. Listen in as they discuss tangible steps leaders can take to enhance these elements and the consequences of not addressing these issues in today's dynamic work environment.

  • Host: Group Director, Experience Strategy, VML - Nick Brunker
  • Co-Host: CXO EMEA, VML - Karen Boswell
  • Guest: Director, Digital and Creative Operations adam&eveDDB - Marci Le Gaufey
  • Guest: Certified Business Psychologist, Liminal Store - Ed Beard
  • Guest: Global Managing Director, Tech & Innovation at The Talent Business - Andy Wardlaw

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