The Bird Banter Podcast: A Brief Hello from Casablanca

Bird Banter

Apr 17 2019 • 4 mins

In this episode Ed does a one-take brief recording from outside the Hotel Toubkal in Casablanca, Morocco about 4:45 AM after a jet-lagged night. Please forgive the errors and the city noise, especially calling Michael Carmody, guest on the last episode, and tour guide whom I call Michael Legacy (his tour group is Legacy Tours) as I'm putting these up unedited, mistakes and city noise and all.

The lark I butcher the name of is the Maghreb Lark, recently split from the Crested Lark as its own species. Here is a link to a PDF discussing the status of this group. https://crbpo.mnhn.fr/IMG/pdf/Guillaumet_et_al_2006_galerida_MolPhylEvol.pdf

I put up a blog post about our day 1 birding on BirdBanter.com http://birdbanter.com/index.php/2019/04/16/a-day-in-casablanca-to-recover/

Until next time, Good Birding.  Good Day!