God Fearing Kids and the Parents Who Raise Them: A Christian parenting podcast

Carey Green, Mindi Green

You're probably checking out this podcast because you are a Christ-follower and you have kids… and you intuitively know that you’ve got a massive job on your hands. But you also see your role as a Christian parent as one of the most amazing privileges given to human beings. You get to fashion human beings into God-saturated, Christ-following, Kingdom-building individuals who make a difference in eternity… and all to the glory and praise of their Creator. And that ain't an easy job. We're here to help. Episodes are conversations about Christian parenting between retired Pastor, Carey Green and his wife of over 33 years, Mindi. They'll discuss what the Bible reveals about raising your children in a way that honors God and connects the child of your heart to the child of God. https://GodFearingKids.com read less
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