How Good Human Work Takes Care of the Mental, Emotional, and Relational Health of Founders, and Investors with Shelly Smith

The Mental Health Today Show

Jan 23 2023 • 31 mins

Shelly Smith is a licensed therapist, and co-founder of Good Human Work. She believes that founders should take care of their mental and relational health first and foremost. Shelly has personally seen the consequences of not taking care of mental and relational health and understands the importance of investing in this aspect of business for the long-term success of any organization. At Good Human Work, Shelly and her team of licensed therapists and business consultants provide Team Therapy to organizations. Team Therapy is a specialized service that supports the relationships of co-founders, teams, leadership, family-owned businesses, and other stakeholders whose mental health and relationships will impact an organization and have a healing effect. Good Human Work also provides individual, couple, and family therapy to founders, which can be beneficial in addressing the unique mental and relational health issues they may be facing. Shelly believes that taking time to focus on mental and relational health will help to protect the humanity of founders, and in turn, protect and support the entire business. Shelly is passionate about helping founders, investors, and accelerators understand the importance of mental and relational health in a business setting. She often spends time talking to them about how to take care of this aspect of their business in order to ensure its success. At Good Human Work, Shelly and her team are dedicated to helping founders, teams, and organizations take care of their mental health and relationships in order to create a healthy business environment. Through their therapy and business services, they strive to help organizations achieve success and longevity. Learn more about Good Human Work at

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