Funkaholik Fridays with the Pop Foxx

The Funkaholiks Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 1 hr 50 mins

It's Friyay and you already know what time it is, in todays episode Nando T and Marisol are having some fun talking topics on the collector world. Nando T gets pissed with a seller on eBay that he puts on blast, we bring in a special guest.....familiar voice and fellow Funkaholik Jake to the studio to drop some knowledge with Funko NFT's!!! The info he provides is beyond what we had expected in this crazy side of the collectible world, definitely a rabbit hole that can get you in some trouble......don't forget In the Den with the Pop Foxx and Toy Rewind!!! So much more so sit back, grab a frosty beverage and chill with the Funkaholiks!!! CHEERS!!!

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