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Season 5: ‘Whiskey Creek’ is the untold story of a Halloween night massacre. Three people are found dead in a make-shift encampment deep in the woods. Beside them, four dead dogs and a burned-out trailer. The victims are squatters, with complicated backgrounds and criminal histories. Their deaths raise important questions about the Canadian criminal justice system and who that system protects. Season 4: ‘Finding Amber’ follows the case of a Port Alberni woman who disappeared on July 8, 2022. Season 3: ‘Missing Michael’ is the story of Michael Dunahee, a little boy from Victoria, BC, who vanished from a playground in 1991 at the age of 4. Season 2: ‘Gone Boys’ follows the mystery of men who have gone missing in recent years on Vancouver Island. Season 1: ‘Where is Lisa?’ digs into the disappearance of 21-year-old Lisa Marie Young. read less

Our Editor's Take

Island Crime is a true crime podcast that explores cold cases and missing persons on Vancouver Island. The island is off Canada's Pacific coast, and it is where a 21-year-old woman vanished in 2002. Lisa Marie Young's disappearance is the focus of the podcast's first season. On the podcast, listeners follow several baffling, heartbreaking, and illuminating stories. The podcast is victim-centric and highlights the pain, struggles, and hope of those left behind. It brings unexpected attention to victims' stories, leading to new revelations. The show presents them in the context of who they were, their legacies, families, and community.

Laura Palmer, Island Crime's host, is a former CBC radio producer. The award-winning host has years of experience on TV and radio. With the podcast, her original intent was to pay tribute to Lisa. That noble cause has since expanded into something even bigger. The host explored other cold cases after the initial podcast series about Lisa. The second season, called Gone Boys, is about the disappearance of several men on the island.

In season three, Laura chronicles and investigates the disappearances of Michael Dunahee. The four-year-old has been missing for decades. In season four, Amber Alberni, who vanished in 2022, became the podcast's focus. The fifth season explores the murder of three people in Whiskey Creek.

Laura speaks to many people connected to the victims and cases each season of Island Crime. She also speaks to people who live in or have a connection to the location of the crimes or disappearances. Many people she interviews have never gone on record about the cases until speaking to Laura. Some of the interviews reveal little-known information about the victims and crimes.

Island Crime is thorough, captivating, and informative. It's not a podcast that sensationalizes stories. Instead, its quest is to bring the truth to the fore. Laura tells many underreported stories, making the podcast a worthwhile listen.

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