Beyond the Lab: Entrepreneurship in Cancer Treatment with Zee-nia Kaul

Hiring Matters

Sep 18 2023 • 56 mins

Delve into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship in cancer treatment.  In this episode, Ken sits down with the amazing Dr. Zeenia Kaul to dive deep into her entrepreneurial journey. They chat about how she's fearlessly taken risks, pushed boundaries, and played a vital role in advancing the battle against cancer, all with the goal of making a genuine impact on people's lives.
In their conversation, Ken and Zeenia dig into how curiosity fuels innovation. Zeenia spills the beans on her journey, where she's essentially been a bridge between cool discoveries in the lab (we're talking about some seriously game-changing botanical stuff) and turning those finds into groundbreaking cancer treatments. The endgame? Giving cancer patients a better shot at a longer, healthier life. 🌱🔬💪
Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between science, business, and social impact as they hear about Zeenia's remarkable journey.
Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a cancer researcher, or simply curious about the intersection of science and business, this episode will inspire you to take bold steps and embrace innovation. Join us on this exciting adventure where entrepreneurship meets the pursuit of life-changing solutions.
About our guest:
Trained biomedical scientist, a citizen of the world, and a proven executive leader with demonstrated ability to deliver results in high-pressure and competitive startup environments. As Co-Founder, CEO, and CSO of ReHeva Biosciences and 10+ years of executive leadership experience, I leverage my business proficiency, financial acumen, and exceptional interpersonal skills to lead ReHeva Biosciences into the future of biopharmaceutical innovation.

Dr. Kaul’s passion for innovation and leadership stems from her desire to help others. She believes science should be leveraged to make a difference—in people, in communities, and in lives. In each of her roles, from executive director to clinical leader to community volunteer, Dr. Kaul strives to create change that improves people's lives.