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Our Editor's Take

This is Love is a podcast about the subject of love, and all it entails. Romantic love, friendship, mentorship, and family love are some of the types of love discussed here. Each episode showcases how love can manifest itself in unexpected ways and places. Public radio voice Phoebe Judge hosts the show.

The podcast's episodes feature many fascinating stories. This is Love has an eclectic guest list. Nino and Drew had a secret relationship for over four decades before they told the world they were together. Evan Woodward loves Baltimore, and loves trash. Writer Delia Ephron worked with her sister Nora on several romantic comedies. Then Delia had a real-life romance similar to Nora's movie, You've Got Mail. Basketball player Spencer Haywood reminisces about Bill Russell, his onetime teammate. Brenda Jackson's first love affected her so much she wrote a book about it. Then she wrote 100 more books about it.

Other This is Love podcast episodes include George Linnane's story. He fell in a hole in a cave, and wasn't sure how he would get out. Then his fellow caving friends stepped in. Meredith Goldstein is a love advice columnist. She likes the breakup letters she gets the most. The married couple behind Di Fara Pizza share their love story. Frank Dumas won a spelling bee as a child. Then he kept on winning. The show explains what happened next.

Phoebe's empathetic approach is a compelling one. It allows her guests' experiences to shine through without judgment or bias. Her soothing voice guides This is Love listeners through the tales. Some stories are heartwarming. Others are heartbreaking. But all are authentic. Every story offers unique insights into what it means to be human and connect with others on a deep level. New episodes come out every few weeks.

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