#6 Building Relationships with Coaching

Teach Me, Teacher

Aug 29 2016 • 1 hr 5 mins

Hello everyone! In episode 6, we are talking about balancing coaching, teaching, and how a passionate educator can use both mediums to build great relationships with their students. The intro to this episode is hilarious to me because of how I stutter. Not sure what was the cause, but it makes me laugh each time. Also, this episode's intro isn't exactly what the conversation ended up being about. The goal was to talk about balancing coaching and teaching solely, but we ended up discussing relationship building far more. Perhaps, that's a sign of which is more important to a successful school year? In any case, this is a great episode, with one of my dearest friends, Mrs. Ha. You'll learn a lot from her during this hour. Her compassion and dedication is evident in every word she speaks. Enjoy!