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Tall ships are a part of our shared human history, and everyone knows that sailors tell the best stories. Join Erin Short of Tall Ships America as she discovers the people behind these iconic vessels and what it truly means to be a traditional sailor in a modern world. Every month, we sit down and get to know each other over a pint of beer or a cup of tea. Sea stories, inspiration, and a little bit of everything else.Just no shanties, please. read less

Making Impossible, Possible: Susan Brittain with Sound Experience
Mar 4 2022
Making Impossible, Possible: Susan Brittain with Sound Experience
Welcome to Season Three! We have a doozy of an episode - it's cozy, it's inspiring, it's a journey - and we are here for it. This month, Erin chats delightedly with Susan Brittain, Marketing, Membership and Public Programs Associate with Sound Experience (www.soundexp.org) and Tall Ships America's 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. We talk about her growing up in England, where the water was her escape, her time as a captain, a caulker, ship carpenter, and rigger, and her love of teaching young people on board. We also discuss the incredible Gender Odyssey program aboard Schooner Adventuress and Sound Experience's work in creating a safe space on board their vessel for non-binary,  transgender and gender-fluid teens, and how Susan's own personal experience influenced this program. Ships Mentioned: Adventuress, Charlotte Ann, Clearwater, USS Constellation, Elissa, Eye of the Wind, Gazela,  Highlander Sea, Lady Maryland, Martha Lewis, Mildred Bell, Pride of Baltimore,  Pride of Baltimore II, Tole Mour, Sultana, Western Union, Woodwind, Zodiac Programs Mentioned: Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy, Living Classrooms Foundation, Sultana Education Foundation More Great Lakes Whale Watching in Season 2, episode 3 with Captain Tom Kastle.You can hear Susan on Saturday, March 5th at  She Tells Sea Tales, part of Northwest Maritime Center's women-forward programming. She Tells Sea Tales | Northwest Maritime Center (nwmaritime.org)And at the Ask The Expert Series on March 17th, part of the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Ask an Expert Winter Series - Port Townsend Wooden Boat FestivalSee the photos that Susan sent along on our Instagram @tallshipsamerica.