Running as An Act of Resistance with Takia McClendon

Fish Food

Jan 8 2021 • 27 mins

Takia McClendon is a running coach, personal trainer, and activist on a mission to debunk diet and fitness myths. As co-founder of City Fit Girls, a Philadelphia-based fitness and running community that aims to empower people to get moving on their own, Takia is constantly seeking ways to use running as an act of resistance for people who don’t have access to boutique studios and other pricey fitness resources.

Traditionally, the face of running in this country is white and skinny. City Fit Girls challenges the culture of the sport simply by BEING. The initiative started through Takia and her co-founder’s willingness to share their own fitness journeys online. The more they shared, the more people wanted to be apart. Seeing a need to impact public health outcomes through overall fitness (physical and mental), City Fit Girls was born.

To learn more about Takia and her virtual strength club options, follow her on IG @TakiaMcClendon . Ready to get moving in your city? Follow @CityFitGirls or visit their website www.cityfitgirls.com for more information on getting connected to a local chapter.

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