Legal Best Practices to Protect Your Business

Fish Food

Mar 19 2021 • 46 mins

She breaks down business entity types and what it takes to run each one in DC, and what benefits each one carries. As a pro bono service provider, Christine and her organization hold education at a high level. They want the people they serve to feel equipped to make informed decisions for their businesses.

“Do everything right from the beginning, understand what you’re doing, and plan for when things go wrong” so that you’re setting yourself up for success from the beginning. Best practices make your life easier down the line.

If you’re in the DC area and need legal advice for your business, you can schedule brief opportunities with The DC Bar Pro Bono Law Center through their website. They also have written resource guides and archived training and webinars (new ones are coming down the pipeline, so make sure to join their mailing list for updates) without the fancy words or frills; they get you what you need to get your business on its way. All of their services are FREE of charge, so if you’re in the DC area, make sure to get connected with them.