#47 - Learn how Dr. Sujin Lee thinks outside the box in her practice!


May 6 2023 • 23 mins

Dr. Sujin Lee is a NeuroRehab Physician, mom of 2 children, and a physician coach. She has been practicing medicine part-time to pursue her interest in research, teaching, consulting, coaching, and spending time with her family since she finished her fellowship.

As she got to know other women physicians’ work condition, the deeper she realize part-time practice can create the opportunity for us to practice medicine in our own term and reach our full potential to create satisfying lives.

Dr. Lee is a multi-passionate woman physician, creating work-life balance that brings joy in practicing medicine and fulfillment in life while pursuing her passion outside of medicine and enjoying time with her family.

Dr. Lee is hosting a masterclass where she shares her story how she create work-life balance through part time practice with a purposeful side business.

Come join her masterclass to get more work-life balance!

You can find more about her and her work through this link.


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