[EP:38] Get involved. Fight back. Take a stand- Amber B Skylar

VOICES with Amber B Skylar

Aug 4 2021 • 43 mins

Predators seek out vulnerability.  Society starts training females at a young age to be sweet, feminine, naive and charming.  We are trained that we are not strong enough to hear truth about whats going on with violence against women.  We are not encouraged to fight violence with violence.  Why? A woman alone, carrying groceries to her car at night. A mother with her 2 children, juggling packages, schedules, just trying to live her life. Young, naive women at college, using smiles and provocative clothing to lure a sex partner, topped off with the frat boy and tequila just trying to have a night of fun. When we are under the influence we are perfect targets.  What about just taking a walk in a park in NY?  You don't have to be in a big city to be stalked, attacked, preyed upon - it can and does happen anywhere at anytime - and you don't need to be drunk.  We must lbe more than the girl  good and  and become warriors - always aware and on the look out, ready to defend.

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