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Entrebrewer is a podcast hosted by Adam McChesney that discusses the journeys and stories of top-performing entrepreneurs across the world.

Ep #11: Consistency, Discipline & Focus w/Clint Riggin
The Founder/CEO of Limitless coaching, 8 Year Navy Veteran, and Overall Classic Physique Champion. Saylorsburg, PA.I was not always “fit” as people see me now. I competed in the Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic in 2017 taking 1st place and overall, in classic physique. Four months later my thyroid went under-active and that is when my life changed forever. I gained 45 lbs. which felt like overnight, slept for 17 hours a day, lost my ability to sweat, my vision was blurred, my confidence was at an all-time low, and I contemplated committing suicide, while also abusing drugs on a daily basis. We all go through certain things in our life that I believe change our way of thinking and how we look at the future. This was not my case, I continued using drugs for three years, surrounded myself with people who provided no value, and partied my ass off. I now realize why all this happened to me, I was being taught a life lesson that I soon would take and harness the true potential I had.I created Limitless Coaching because of the things I have experienced in my life and wanted to change the way Online Fitness Coaching is. Limitless Coaching is unlike any other coaching platform around being able to deliver quality results, supplements from 1st Phorm, Hormone Replacement Therapy through our partnership with Marek Health, and Meal preps from ICON meals. We keep the client accountable with our highly trained and educated coaches guaranteeing your success, and best of all we promise you a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not see results within the first month. I will promise to deliver upon that request that when joining Limitless you will not only come out with the physique you thought was never possible but the mindset to conquer anything in front of you.
6d ago
26 mins
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