Prioritizing Mental Health as a Business Owner with Chrissy Ingram

Brand Intentionally with Friends

May 14 2023 • 52 mins

In the debut episode of Brand Intentionally with Friends, Garett Southerton talks to the fiery social media marketing manager with 13 years experience, Chrissy Ingram, who is also a mental health advocate who has faced her own struggles with grief, ADHD, and autism in the past year alone.

This episode is a candid conversation with a lot of vulnerable experiences and how they both survived them - a helpful listen for any business owner or creative that struggles with anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and other mental illnesses or emotional struggles.

Some key topics we discuss in this episode are:

  • Importance of flexibility in entrepreneurship and prioritizing mental health
  • Managing energy for social media work and finding your boundaries + balance
  • Empowerment through ADHD diagnosis and advocating for oneself
  • How having OCD is a superpower in the design industry
  • Dealing with grief and anxiety, self-care, and running a business during lockdown and beyond
  • The beauty of supportive partners and communities that are intentionally created
  • Coping with the winter blues and differences in mental health attitudes between the US, UK, and Australia

Join Garett and Chrissy as they speak about their own struggles and inspire other business owners and creatives to take care of themselves and speak up about what they need help with.

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