How To Use Social Media To Improve Customer Experiences [Stacy Sherman Interview]

Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal Schaffer

Aug 5 2022 • 37 mins

I always talk about how social media can and should be used by businesses for more than just mere "promotion" or advertisement - there's nothing social about an ad, even if it is appearing on a feed in a social network.

While I tend to talk about social media as being a place to collaborate with influencers, it is equally a critical arena that gives you the ability to deepen relationships with your own customers.

Customer experience marketing expert Stacy Sherman joins me for this interview where she goes into the different ways brands can leverage social media to deepen customer relationships.

Key Highlights

[02:56] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Stacy Sherman

[06:53] Stacy's Journey to Customer Experience

[10:47] Stacy's Advise to Companies That Are Ready to Leverage Customer Experience

[12:54] How to Start Customer Experience Audit

[15:46] It's All About Response

[18:11] The Power of Connection

[24:15] Recommended Tools for Competitive Research

[34:08] Connect with Stacy

Notable Quotes

  • You have to validate what you're doing, what you've designed, does it really meet their needs? And then you fix those gaps, or pain points, sometimes those arise.
  • Response time is essential, because people are watching, and noticing how fast you solve their problem or offer help, even if it's to take it offline. People are watching and so they create a perception of you as a company based on that.
  • That's what customer experience is. It's a feeling that you get that makes you keep coming back.
  • Use social media very carefully for influencing decisions and influencing thought leadership, not selling.
  • I see more companies actually leaning into their staff to have a voice and using it as a way to empower them to advocate for the brand in an authentic way but not selling. It's, it's coming across with sincerity those that are doing it right. And I think it is a powerful marketing tool, and a way to also increase engagement organically.
  • I encourage people to play around, figure out your voice. And keep in mind what we're talking about here, don't come at it as bragging, come at it as take content, you see others talking about and repurpose it reshard with your own commentary. That's, that's influential, that's leadership.
  • Make sure you're using social media to actually get the voice of I guess its customers, prospects, your audience.

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