Conch & Grace - Sound The Divine Union <3

Faenix Vision Podcast

Oct 8 2022 • 1 hr 37 mins

Wow! What an amazing episode with many firsts!

I loved connecting with Conch & Grace over an afternoon to create a wonderful podcast all about the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine, relationships, music & their blooming through partnership.

We covered many important topics including;

  • The Divine Feminine & Masculine
  • The different roles we play in relationship
  • How a safe & grounded masculine creates the container for the feminine to flourish
  • How the feminine helps the masculine to soften
  • Key aspects for a happy, healthy relationship
  • Weaving music together
  • Conch & Graces awesome upcoming event!

This was the first live FV podcast so in parts the sound is a little quiet but please do turn up to the max because this podcast was full of absolute GOLDEN material from golden people! :)

Thanks guys! xxx