Jess Farmer - The Expression Of Good Vibration 📣💙🎸

Faenix Vision Podcast

Jan 30 2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

In this Solocast I talk all about the theme of expression followed by my first live guitar set playing at the amazing event Good Vibrations run by my friends Conch & Grace <3

This is a great episode for anyone who is challenged in their expression with others or in life in general as well as great for anyone getting into music or art! :)

I spoke about;

📣 Physical mental emotional energetic correlations & challenges arising from expression difficulties

📣 My own challenges with expression & communication & my journey into a place of greater expression

📣 Some practical ways for starting to express through music

📣 Expression through art!

📣 Expression with others

📣 Dr Voice

📣 Non Violent Communication

🎸💙 Good Vibrations Guitar Set

Thankyou so much to Conch & Grace for inviting me to play at Good Vibrations! Highly recommend to anyone on any future events for a beautiful day!

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Shout out to Dr Voice as well! Check out our episode The Infinite Power Within

Injoy! <3