Jess Farmer - Wellbeing Empowerment Interview 🙏💛🚀

Faenix Vision Podcast

Feb 17 2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

The tables were turned in this episode with me being interviewed by my good friend Stella Photi for her amazing livecast platform, Wellbeing At Home.

We spoke all about;

  • How to transform pain into empowerment!
  • My system of assessment & diagnosis
  • How I treat people with challenges
  • Some different ways in which pain can manifest within the body & what can be done about it
  • Many interesting facts about health & wellbeing
  • I answer some of the viewers health questions
I highly recommend this wonderful platform, there are many other super talented & insightful guests to enjoy!

They run shows each Saturday at 10am & 5pm UK time :) <3

FC Youtube link;

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