Jerry Walsh - The Fire Of Aries 🐏πŸ”₯β™ˆ

Faenix Vision Podcast

Apr 19 2023 β€’ 2 hrs

Absolutely amazing exploration of the Aries archetype - first sign in the zodiac wheel with Jerry Walsh, musician & student of the Initiatic traditions!

Jerry's got some strong Aries credentials including his sun & Mercury making him a perfect person to take a deep dive on the initiatory Fire Of Aries!

We delved into many topics including;

πŸ”₯ Jerry's story
πŸ”₯ Aries overview
πŸ”₯ The light & shadow manifestations of Aries
πŸ”₯ What makes great leadership?
πŸ”₯ An exploration of war & conflict - necessary or avoidable?
πŸ”₯ How can we harness the energy of Aries in our lives?
πŸ”₯ Jerry's top takeaways from the Bahgavad Gita

Super deep & all round awesome dialogue, thankyou so much Jerry!

You can check out Jerry's rad podcast BohdiSpeak here -

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