Aimée Buchler - Rise Up! 🙏🌿💪🔥🚀

Faenix Vision Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

Today's episode is with Aimée Buchler - expert trainer, naturopathic nutritionist, biohacker, breath-work and meditation teacher and world champion bikini bodybuilder!

Awesome episode diving into healing, trauma release, breathwork & looking at some of the challenges we face with our physical & mental health as a society.

We spoke about;

  • The Rise Room
  • Inner child healing through breathwork
  • Some of the big challenges young women face & how they can begin to overcome them
  • The mental health epidemic & it's link to purpose & connection (or lack of)
  • Masculine & feminine wounding
  • What needs to change to move our society to greater healing & wholeness!

Really got to the crux of a lot of key issues, great interview, thanks Aimee! :)