Leah Kicks - The Energy Of Life 🌻🙏💫

Faenix Vision Podcast

Mar 17 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

This was a deeply insightful episode with Leah Kicks who is a Reiki practitioner & massage therapist helping her clients heal through a number of powerful energetic modalities.

We spoke about Leah's journey into spirituality & becoming a Reiki practitioner before giving a 360 degree exposé on Reiki, energy, what it means to walk a spiritual path!

We went through;

🌻 Leah's journey
🌻 Reiki - what it is, it's history & how it helps people
🌻 What it means to walk a spiritual path
🌻 Leah's journey in opening up to spirituality
🌻 Top tips for beginners in starting their spiritual journey

Thankyou Leah for this deeply insightful & information packed podcast! :) 🌻