Craig Coe - Situational Awareness, Humility, & Vulnerability

The Quarterback DadCast

Nov 24 2021 • 1 hr 2 mins

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In this episode, we talk to Craig Coe who is the SVP of Relationship Management at Beeline.  A huge shoutout goes to Jessica and Doug for making today's episode possible.    My conversation with Craig was so enjoyable as we talked about the journey of raising two very talented kids and now are tackling the life of being an empty nester.

You will hear about how Craig persevered during his childhood as he grew up without a father.  His mom was amazing and you will hear how big of an impact she was on him, including his support from his older brother.    As he grew up, his family moved a lot including spending time in Japan.  Without a father figure, he knew he was never going to let his kids experience his feelings of not seeing his dad in the stands cheering him on.   Craig's story was so inspirational and he never was someone that let circumstances impact him.

We talk about the power of saying "I Love You", and also the power of not having all of the answers.  Additionally, we talk about why being present is so important!

To learn more about Craig and what he is up to, please contact him through Linked In.

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